OPEN SHOW 10/2/2018

My thanks to the committee for the invitation and to the exhibitors  for a quality entry. 

MPD (8)2 abs

1.Craig’s DAVRICARD HARLEQUIN  lovely tri of 8 months appealing head,well off for bone and tight feet,well angulated,excellent quarters sound on the move & well handled  one to watch BPIS

2.Peterson’s TROOPERSWAY PRINCE GEORGE another promising puppy of bigger mould masc head,plenty bone ,muscular hindquarters & good mover.



1.Hardisty’s BLUNDERHALL SUNRAY  attractive tri ,nice head dark eye,plenty bone & angulation,moved true,correct tail carriage.

2.B.MARKOS another tri 3rd in MP,nice head,good bone tight feet just preferred movement of 1


1.Lovatt’s BJORNHAGEN SWEET BAY LEAF well marked tri appealing head,plenty substance,good rib and depth of chest,short coupled& short hocks moved well.

2.Vickers & Mead’s CANOWINDRA GAINSBOROUGH TO ROSRODEN another quality tri,good bone , head & exp,slightly longer cast but covered the ground well.


ND(6)1 abs

1.      1.C. ROSRODEN

2.      2. B.MARKOS

3.      3.Goldberg’s NEWLIN PERTH AT MOLESEND

GD(5)1 abs




1.     1.Hunt&Norris CLIFFMERE MINDFUL OF SHERCROFT JW balanced tri,good head,dark eye, good ear set. Short coupled and & well let down,impressed on the move.

2.      2.Peterson’s DONAY FREEMAN AT TROOPERSWAY appealing tan/white,well contructed and well handled impressed when free stood just lost out to free movement of 1

3.      3. Moorby & White’s MERRILYN GET OFF MY CLOUD

 ILYLD(5) 2 abs

1.P1. Players LYNDEX KIERAN well marked tri in good order,good exp & dark eye ,well muscled moved true with reach & drive,correct tail carriage & well handled RBD

2.2. Holland’s EARDLEY WALK THE TALK AT TAGSHOUND well presented tan/white,good bone & tight feet all the essentials just lost out in moving round carrying weight over the shoulder.



1.     1.Peterson's TROOPERSWAY Gladiator JW ShCM well balanced tri full of substance & quality,shown in top condition,plenty bone tight feet and well muscled with developed 2nd thigh which showed in his driving movement.Masc head,soft exp plenty reach of neck flowing to excellent layback of shoulder he excels in return of forearm which  enables his forward reach when moving Most impressive on the move he flowed round the ring to win Best in Show.

2.     2.Hunt & Norris SHERCROFT APPOLLO JW ShCM appealing tan/white,well constructed  & muscled just lost out moving round but unlucky to meet 1in top form.

3.     3Philpott’s CHARTERWOOD FORTUNE


1.     1.Lovett’s BJORNHAGEN LEMON VERBENA ShCM hare pied 8+good head,plenty bone well muscled hindquarters moved with reach & drive.

2.    2. Statham’s BRIGAM JACK THE LAD attractive broken tri well presented in good condition both were a credit to their owners.


1.     1. Hardisty’s BLUNDERHALL MOONFLOWER beautiful tri baby,lovely head,soft exp .Short & square,plenty rib,short coupled moved true.

2.     2.Peterson’s TROOPERSWAY PRINCESS PEGGY pretty tan/white,good tight feet,well angulated rear,another sound mover

3.     3. Hunt’s BONDLEA LUCY


1.  1.B.LUCY  attractive broken tri,head needs to break but she scores on the move.

2.     2.CHEQUER’S COUNTESS MARY MIT JULEMARK(Imp.Deu)tan/white bigger mould,well angulated and sound mover.

3.     3. Powell’s HAYAPARK FEATHER


1.     1.Goldberg’s MOLESEND SECRET JW tan/white,lovely head,dark eye,excellent pigmentation,good layback of shoulder & spring of rib,well bent stifles sound on the move driving from the hocks and plenty forward reach.The secret is out! Best Bitch

2.  2. Caney’s SPRINGTIME TITTLE TATTLE balanced tri in hard muscular condition sound on the move


1 Dawson & Goodall’s RUNDLE ECLIPSE 2 yr tri,good layback & bend of stifle,plenty neck,tight feet,good mover .


1.     1. Philpott’s CHARTERWOOD SPANGLE  smart tri lovely head, well set shoulder & good bend of stifle,tight feet moved and showed with style.

2.     2.Lennard’s BUTTEROW QUAVER  tri mottle another balanced bitch,short coupled,well angulated scored moving on a loose lead.

3.     3. Moorby & White’s MERRILYN SWEETEST DEVOTION


1.r1.Brown's RAIMEX REED BUNTING  broken tri,appealing head,tight feet,good length of neck,happy temperament sound mover ,correct tail carriage.

2222. Vickers & Mead’s ROSRODEN CHERRY KISSES eyecatching tri,nice head,soft exp,good rib & moved well would like tighter feet

3.   3.Hunt/Norris/Carmichael’s SHERCROFT ARINA


1.     1. Player’s LYNDEX INFINITY pretty bitch with a lovely head.would like a little more of her but she is well angulated with excellent muscle tone which won this class.

2.     2. Philpott’s CHARTERWOOD FANTASY ISLAND tan/white,good head & bite,plenty  bone shown in good condition.

3.     3. Lennard’s BUTTEROW ORIOLE


1.    1. Hunt’s BONDLEA DOVE feminine tri,appealing head,good length of neck,short coupled,tight feet and a good mover RBB

2.     2. B.ORIOLE  tan/white mottle,nice head & exp,short coupled & well bent stifles.


1.    1. Conway’s BARTERHOUND BEGONIA AT BEDEWAY tan/white shown in hard condition well developed 2nd thigh she can move ! tight feet she was a pleasure to judge & a credit to her owner BVIS

2.    2Cottrell’s EARDLEY MERRY MAGDALANE well balanced enjoying her day well deserved her place in this super class of veteran bitches

3.     3. Hunt & Norris SHECROFT DUCHESS JW ShCM


Carole Wood (Judge)